instagram moments


Since Jantine is enjoying a little holiday break, I'll share another Instram Moments post from my hand. 
It's been very sunny and warm the last days in Holland, so beside work, we are trying to enjoy the sun, our boat and our days of with friends as much as possible. 
Last friday, Jantine and I visited the Loft, an amazing apartment in Amsterdam where everything is for sale! You can visit the Loft until the half of August.. Definitely worth going! The 2 pictures underneath are taken in the Loft.. we were very inspired!

Have a nice day.. more of my Instagram photo's, you'll find here.. xoxo Vivian 

vontrueba art


The Vontrueba Studio is a Spanish architect and designer, based in Londen. Her latest collection is the Veggie collection, greens printed on A3size thick paper. But also her other collection are beautiful beacause of the different layers and colors. And we spotted our OH BABY postcard.. which fits perfectly in the picture :) 

You can find the whole collection here

sydney beach house


The home of Karen Kelly Tarasin, based in Sydney is a beautiful mix of bright white walls, a lot of wood and fresh green leaves. We love the Scandinavian design items in this home, combined with some vintage and rustic materials makes is look very relaxing and comfortable!

via Stylejuicer
photography Prue Ruscoe

agata bielen jewelry


AGATA BIELEN is a raw contemporary jewelry brand from Poland. The geometrical lines and simple shapes immediately caught our attention. The main inspiration for her work is this straight line, that is the basic unit of geometry found in space.

After being spotted by Scott Schumann from The Sartorialist while sketching her jewelry pieces in a little cafe she decided to do what she truly loved resulting a beautiful jewelry collection.

Especially the FINE LINE collection is one of our favorites. The FINE LINE collection is a return to the first inspiration, the original point of departure - a straight line. Two-dimensional geometry is raised into space. The line breaks in several angles creating three-dimensional forms. The outcome is a small sculpture-like cubical pieces made of movable tubes that adapt to the body forms.

Studio Moe


Studiomoe started in 2003 in New York City with the intention of making simple, well crafted furniture. Inspired by Scandinavian and Japanese furniture Studiomoe creates elegant modern furniture with attention to detail and sustainability.

In 2009 the Oslo line was launched, a collection in Ash and Walnut and available in different pieces like a chair, table, bench, desk and dresser. Any piece can be altered in size to fit your individual needs.

See more of this beautiful collection here.

string lights for flos


The String Lights, designed by Michael Anastassiades, for Flos are the perfect architectural light of dividing spaces in a different way. Michael Anastiassiades was inspired by several elements: 'When I sit on a train, traveling, and I look out of the window, I always see these strings of electricity that connect the pylons. And as we move through at high speed, I see these perfectly parallel string and find myself transfixed by the amazing sense of discipline - how can this be possible?' And also from a practical point: 'How to move lights when electricity points are always where you least want them to be. So how do you take them where you want them in an effortless and poetic way?' 
We love this point of view.. and the design is stunning!

via Flos 

danish summer home


Perfect! Modular summer cottages, designed by the company Lykke + Nielsen. They have created a simple summer home, which can be build within 6 months from ordering. You can create your own modular template, where you can mix room modules, like a bedroom, kitchen, bathroom etc, so you can create your own perfect summer home. Don't you just love that idea?

prefab summer houses from Moenhuset

Strawberry - weekend - cake


Let's bake some good stuff :)

This strawberry almond crub cake, which looks delicious, is made by Ashlae W. A cake made of various nuts and strawberries and not difficult to make. You can find the recipe of this tasty cake  on Oh ladycakes, a website with a lot of cakes, chocolates and other sweets.

Happy weekend, xoxo April and May

instagram moments


After some rainy days.. we finally can enjoy the sun. Even though it's just for one day- we are embracing the light! For me this means loving our sunny home, so hopefully, we can enjoy it after our work tonight. 
You might have seen, that we are working like crazy on the First or Second project, which means searching for beautiful items for the home, for kids, food and vintage. But also receiving the sweetest postcards from friends :) 
You can follow First or Second here, where you get updated about the project. And also on Instagram, you will find some previews :) 

Enjoy your day.. get some sun.. make it a good one!

xoxo Vivian

Textile landscape serie by Hanna Dalrot


Textile landscapes is a graduation project by Hanna Dalrot for Beckhams College of Design. Hanna grew up in a valley surrounded by mountains. The shades of light, structure of the ground, felled trees, severed trunks, the reflection of the river and the silhouettes of the hills all form the basis of this creative artistic process.

The collection of textile patterns is inspired by the silhouettes. We love how these kind of inspirations result in a beautiful and artistic collection where you can almost feel all the love and work that has been put in this process.

Case House by Jun Igarashi Architects


The outside of this home is like a box, but what a surprise when you look inside. Lots of wood, white and the steel staircase that connects all the different floors. And what about these great wooden ceilings? The clean look of the house makes it look so simple but the structure of this house is amazing. An amazing place to live in.

Via Design Milk
Photography by Jun Igarashi Architects

You've got style | Ellen Truijen


The new collection of leather bags and accessories by designer Ellen Truijen radiates timelessness, sobriety and simplicity. Ellen lives and works in Maastricht and she graduated the Academy of Fine Arts in 2000.

The designs are recognized by their simplicity and thoughtful detailing whit particular emphasis on the beautiful leather varieties. This material is carefully selected and processed by passionate craftsmen. Want to see this beautiful collection? Her designs are stocked in leading boutiques in the Netherlands but also abroad, in countries like Belgium, France, Germany, UK, Italy and Denmark.

Restaurant Story Helsinki


This restaurant, called Story, is situated in the centre of an old market hall in Helsinki, which has been their since 1889. Many visitors of the hall come here just to relax and have a drink. The restaurant has very high ceilings which gives an open and spacious feeling and at the same time it is an intimate atmosphere. 

Perfect for your saturday morning coffee :)

Photography Mikko Ryhänen